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Having your chimney cleaned and inspected can help you prevent future problems. Who wants to settle in for a nice night in front of a comforting fire only to have smoke billow back into your house or have any risk of a  chimney fire. Having a chimney sweep clean the chimney inspect the firebox make sure your damper is opening and closing freely and that your flu is clear and  unobstructed, can prevent a world of trouble. Not to mention knowing that your chimney top is sealed in the concrete, mortar  and brick are in good condition conceive you future pesky chimney leak problemns.

Michigan Brick Repair company warns about the dangers of using uninsured contractors on fireplace chimney repairs

Gus Allen superintendent for Michigan Brick Repair a masonry repair company warned the Michigan Contractor Asociation about the dangers of using uninsured contractors on fireplace chimney repairs

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 06, 2013 ) Detroit-MI Gus Allen of Michigan Brick Repair warned the Michigan Contractors Association the dangers of hiring uninsured fireplace and Chimney repair companies can result in huge penalties down the road.
Mr Allen started by explaining that when dealing with a firplace chimney It has to have proper clearance of the roof or it will not draft properly. When a firplace chimney does not draft properly it can lead to smoke damage in your homeowners house causing thousands of dollars in damage. While your masonry contractor may have the best intentions , and be a nicest person in the world if they are uninsured you will be left footing the bill for any damages.
While damages to a customer’s home may be costly and expensive, the cost or smoke and fire damage pale in comparison to the risk of someone getting hurt. Even the most skilled chimney repair man can easily themselves seriously injured or even dead if their scaffolding fails or they make one misstep while repairing the brick on a chimney. Even the most successful contractor can find themselves broke or close to it if an un-insured masonry contractor or any subcontractor for that matter is seriously injured while working for them.
A couple great rules to follow are don't have the contractor show you his insurance , have his agent fax you his coverage, this ensures the policy is current . Also as rule I don’t let any of my contractor’s brick or otherwise get to far ahead off me on money. That is I'm not paying more than half up front and rarely pay more than a third. I have often bought the materials, or had the contractor buy them, but I pay for them at the supply house. If it's a "long job", more than a week, I will make interim payments
Gus Allen has been in the masonry construction business for 25 years, after moving to Pontiac 17 years ago he began focusing on chimney repair and brick repair. He is aMaster Mason and can build almost anything out of brick,block or stone. Since forming Michigan brick repair he now supervises the masonry restoration and brickwork projects on a regular basis. His passion or the masonry trade is surpassed only by love of his 4 children

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Dearborn Chimney repair(313) 355-3719  local masonry and chimney repair contractor serving Wayne County Mi County, and Dearborn .Michigan. Our brick repair and chimney cleaning experts have years of experience specializing in masonry construction Masonry restoration and Brick repair. Our chimney sweeps can inspect your stone or brick, chimney fireplace. Our chimney sweeps can provide you with your annual chimney cleaning and provide you with a chimney repair estamite.

We have worked hard to earn a reputation for quality and look forward to showing the residents of Dearborn that it is well deserved. Our goal is to leave every customer satisfied and willing to use us again, or recommend us to a friend. We pride ourselves on building corners not cutting them.

We have years of experience matching brick and mortar color found in Westland, Dearborn, Royal Oak Pleasant ridge Birmingham and all of Detroit’s suburbs. We take chimney crown repair and brick repair projects seriously/ We are not a handyman service we are skilled masonry repair experts with a passion for brickwork. We strive to the top Dearborn chimney company. Our Brick repair and brickwork experts have been serving Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and Westland Mi with our quality, brick fireplace & chimney construction and chimney repair services for years.. Let us help you fix, repair and restore your brick homes masonry beauty. Wayne County Brick Repair (313) 459-0617 Dearborn leading chimney cleaning, chimney repair, and historic brick repair company.

Wayne County Chimney Repair is group of masonry craftsmen devoted to chimney repair Masonry restoration and quality brickwork. Beautifying Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Garden City, Inkster, and Melvindale one brick at a time.

Wayne County is filled with some of the most beautiful stone masonry and brickwork in south east Michigan Driving down Michgan Ave and seeing the Historic commandants quarters for the first time as a bricklayer there a feeling of utter awe that comes over you. You know that the masons and bricklayers that built must have felt an immense sense of satisfaction. Our Dearborn brickwork and Historic Brick repair specialist feel the same way about our chimneys. As the years and chimney caps have gone by our brick repair company has gown grown to the point that no matter where we are in Wayne County a recent brick wall repair is never far away. We get a real sense of satisfaction knowing that if we are in Dearborn Inkster or even Detroit a satisfied Brick Repair customer is never far away. We have strong ties to down Detriot Mi Where we have performed historic brick restoration to several homes in Boston Edison Historic district and love the beautiful brick Chimney and brick paver porches Dearborn Heights has to offer.
Let us help you fix, repair and restore your brick homes masonry beauty. Wayne County Brick Repair Dearborn Michigan's leading chimney cleaning, chimney repair, and historic brick wall repair company.

Our Masonry contractors and chimney sweeps offer free chimney repair estimates to all Dearborn , Inkster, Westland, and Taylor Mi residents for any of the following services: chimney cleaning, chimney repair, masonry construction, chimney crown repairs, chimney cap replacement, chimney rebuilds, tuck pointing, natural stone construction, limestone installation and replacement, cultured stone, brick porch repair, Brick porch construction, masonry wall construction, brick wall repair, spalled brick replacement, tuck-pointing, pointing and re pointing work, mortar repair, grout replacement, and historic restoration. We look forward to the opportunity to help you with your masonry construction and chimney cleaning projects.

Why fireplaces in Dearborn do not work, how to make your chimney fireplace draft properly and how to build a chimney and fireplace that stand the test of time are a common topic of discussion among Michigan bricklayers and masonry contractors. Since man first discovered fire then dug the first fire pit all the way up till huge brick chimney stacks filled the Detroit sky line. Longevity and having a homes fireplace burn properly has been an ongoing concern.
As knowledge of building a brick or stone wall porch, fireplaces and chimney has steadily grown, so has the ability of a fireplace to heat and warm homes.. Mans knowledge of engineering, drafting and how to make a chimney and fireplace work properly has also grown. During these modern times we have the advantage of learning from our fore fathers and developing formulas and techniques to combat draft and increase fireplace and chimney efficiency. Still today we find that some fireplace chimney's work better than others. That is why when dealing with chimneys it is so critical to use a chimney expert.
The main principle of why a brick chimney or fireplace works because heat rises. After starting a fire, in your fireplace the air inside chimney warms and begins to rise up the chimney flue. The heat of the fire in your fir box draws in the cooler air from the room it is in. This cooler air flows into the firebox feeding the fireplace fire increasing the flame in an ongoing cycle. The heat dynamic creates a pressure differential and can also create a pleasant breeze as it moves across the top of your chimney. At Wayne County chimney repair we have built thousands of chimneys and are experts in the area of brick chimney building.
There are numerous reasons a chimney and fireplace may not function properly. Will start with the the most simple & obvious solutions Please bear in mind this list may not solve all of your fireplace and chimney issues but it should provide you a good place to start. Here is a list of common reasons that fireplaces and chimneys don't work .
A) Chimney damper issues, a chimney damper should open and close freely
B) Chimney Cleaning, Creosote build up and lack of chimney sweeping can affect the way your chimney will draw air and also can also be a chimney fire issue
C) .Chimney size and height, the height of your chimney and the size of your chimney flue liner can have a huge affect on the way it draws

To really understand fireplaces chimney sweeping and chimney's requires extensive knowledge masonry and fireplaces. Being a chimney sweep does not mean you a qualified to do chimney repair. Likewise being good at masonry and brick work does not make you good with chimneys.
When dealing with your Dearborn Heights and Wayne County Brick repair, and chimney problems you want a contractor familiar chimney construction codes, pressure differentials, and actual fireplace construction techniques. If the information provided here does not help you solve the problem with your fireplace, chimney or masonry consider hiring an experienced, chimney sweep and masonry repair expert in your area. The problem may be obvious to someone with Brickwork, chimney and fireplace experience once they can actually look over the fireplace and chimney..
Michigan fireplace chimney fires are a reality of life They destroy thousands of homes and lives. Having a regular chimney cleaning by your local chimney sweep can prevent most chimney fires. Most Dearborn, Melvindale, and Taylor residents don’t even realize the risk their homes could be in from chimney fires. First, let us establish who is at risk.
If proper precautions are taken, brick fireplace chimney fires can be avoided. A Chimney should be inspected by a chimney sweep and chimney cleaning specialist regularly. First, you need to understand the anatomy of how a fireplace works and how a fireplace chimney fire is set into motion. When a fire is built in a masonry or brick chimney it is started in the fireplace fire box.
The chimney firebox is built out of fire brick. Firebrick is a brick made to withstand the high temperatures that occur in a fireplace. A fireplace fire box is the area in witch the actual burning happens.. Fireplace firebrick not as stongr and have a lower compression strength than block or architectural brick, but they are much lighter, and insulate better than dense bricks. A brick fireplace brick fire box should be free from cracks. To contain the heat form the fire. The fireplace fire brick will taper in toward a damper and smoke shelf. A fireplace firebox is the only spot in which burning wood should occur.
The Damper is a metal duct or valve which controls or regulates the flow of air in the fireplace. Should a damper become damaged rusted and need to be replaced a top mount damper is installed. A top mount damper attaches to the flue tile liner at the top of the chimney. When closed it provides an air-tight seal. A chain drops down the chimney to control air flow.
Everybody knows where there is chimney smoke there is fire, so obviously when you burn wood in your stone or brick fireplace and chimney, smoke is released and travels up from your firebrick fire box into a smoke shelf and up the chimney flue liner. As the warm smoke travels up the chimney flue liner it begins to cool . As smoke cools it condenses on the inside walls of your chimney flue liner or flue tiles and is converted into creosote. Creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires.
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Creosote and a dirty chimney is the leading cause of chimney fires. Creosote is a highly flammable material that ignites easily from flame or spark. The type of wood that is burned in a fireplace and frequency of chimney cleaning affects the amount of creosote built up on the chimney flue liner. Green, or unseasoned wood, contains a lot of moisture. This means it takes more heat to burn the wood in the brick fireplace firebox. Green wood produces more creosote.
Outside temperature also plays a factor in the amount of creosote formed. Chimneys that run up the side of your brick house are more apt to produce creosote. than one that runs up the center of your home This is because brick concrete and stone masonry has a low insulation value or R value. The warm smoke being hit by cool temperatures condenses more quickly when a chimney runs up the side of a house.
Proper air flow is critical to your stone or brick chimney. Making sure your fireplace damper is open all the way so that smoke ventilates through the chimney quickly also reduces the risk of creosote forming. A Fireplace chimney must be built to a proper height to draft properly. Usually three feet above the roof or ten feet from the roof.
You must make sure to have a chimney cleaning professional or chimney sweep clean your chimney annually if you plan on using you fireplace. When you ignite paper and cardboard in your fireplace, often times small flaming pieces of ash and soot can drift up the flue liner and are more likely to ignite the creosote that has built up.
Having a proper chimney cap on the top of your chimney can help prevent chimney fires. A proper chimney cap has a spark ares-tor to catch these pieces of flaming ash. Chimney caps also protect the top of a chimney flue liner by preventing water and animals from getting inside the flue liner
Wayne County Chimney Repair (248) 850-4708 specializes in fireplace chimney construction, Fireplace remodeling, chimney cleaning, chimney repair and historic brick restoration. Our chimney sweeps can provide cost effective chimney cleaning. We also repair brick porches and brick wall repair on a daily basis. If you would like more information about chimney fires, please visit
Dearborn Mi chimney repair. We happy to serve the following communities: Auburn Hills, Beverly Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Brighton, Clarkston, Clawson, Commerce, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Ferndale, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Grosse pointe, Highland, Howell, Hunington Woods, Keego Harbor, Lake Orion, Lathrup Village, Lincoln Park, Livonia, Huntinton Woods, New Hudson, Northville, Novi, Oak Park, Orchard Lake, Orion, Orchard Lake, Ortonville, Pontiac, Redford, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Romulus, Roseville, Royal Oak, South Lyon, Southfield, Sterling Heights, Sylvan Lake, Troy, Utica, Walled Lake, Waterford, West Bloomfield, Huntinton Woods Mi Huntinton Woods Mi , Wayne County, Macomb County, Livingston County Huntinton Woods Mi Chimney repair
With any chimney repair or masonry restoration project comes debris. Small chunks of mortar, pieces of concrete, and chunks of brick from the demolition of the brickwork can add up fast. And lets face it, its not like your local garbageman or trash removal service is going to grab a garbage can that weighs 500 lbs and carry it away. That is why whenever you plan on doing any kind of demolition project, chimney repair, or brickwork you need to know what to do with your debris and trash.

One option is to remove the brick debris, concrete, and mortar yourself. This involves filling up a trailer or truck and hauling out the brick, concrete, and mortar. You can then haul this material to the dump, but the dump charges by weight. A much more practical method of removing the debris, is to find a local concrete recycling company. Most concrete recycling companies will take any concrete and mortar you have and dispose of it. A select few concrete recycling companies, commonly referred to as the concrete crusher, will take your brick debris also. Concrete, brick, and mortar are ground up to a gravel sized consistency. This aggregate is then recycled into new concrete. The problem with using concrete crushers and recyclers is unless you have a dump truck or dump trailer, you must handle your material and debris not only when you haul it off of the job, but when you dump it. By far the most cost-effective way to go on any large scale demolition project is to rent a dumpster. Whenever you rent the dumpster be sure to specify what you plan on disposing of inside of it.

At Wayne County Brick repair we are committed to the local Michigan environment. We use concrete recycling companies whenever possible. For more information about masonry and masonry repair, our free how-to repair brick videos, please visit us 

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